Superimposition of The Bride

Superimposition is a Synonym for Manipulation

Superimposition and Manipulation play a huge role in these End Times.

In The Spirit I keep hearing “A Bride without Spot or Wrinkle” in which case one might envision this…

But we have been told that at The End of Days, “Good would be called Evil, and Evil would be called Good.” Isaiah 5:20

Then again, Jesus also told us that not one of us was truly good:

Mark 10:18 –

“Why do you call me good?” Jesus asked

“Only God is truly good.”

Society and culture have had their way playing with our minds – men and women alike. Personally, I have had enough.

The image above might be what the world desires to see but the world that is waiting for its Messiah to appear is sadly mistaken in regard to its attire. The truth of the matter is that without pressing in and really allowing God to work on our inner chambers (tabernacles) this is the way we truly appear to him:

2016 Manipulation Finalist, Matt Granger, Kentridge

The Road to attaining “a dress without spot or wrinkle” is the road that takes us from 30-60-100 folds: The Spirit of The Church of Philadelphia.

I would post the picture of The Spirit of Philadelphia I have in my minds eye…but try as I might, I can’t find an image that would do her justice.

I have been directed to Read from The Song of Solomon Chapter 8: Click Here to Listen

We stand at the precipice of Truth colliding with the Lies we have been told…

I’ve got news for you.

Most of the World, and its churches, pastors and congregants have not made themselves fit for Elohim’s Kingdom.

The inner work, or lack thereof, is something God can see –

This inner work is something we can and will be judged on –

What’s on the outside is a reflection of what on the inside.

This is the 11:11 Mirror: The Manipulation of The Bride

Given that The Bible is largely a composite of Riddles and parables – We now recognize that our world exists as a Matrix within the Quantum.

This matrix is now a chessboard… and among a host of “players” – the real questions that remain to be answered is who ARE the players and who is being “played?”

Cascadia: Kyrie

*Cascadia, Washington – is located along the Pacific. It was the last place I lived with my parents nestled in suburbia on Puget Sound near Seattle-Tacoma.


This photo depicts one of my favorite things about the  house that my Dad designed and built for my Mom – our hillside view. He planned it specifically so that every room had a view of…


FW house


The Sound: Trees – Mountains – Waters



My Dad loved Seattle for the trees and the Mountains. I often recall him referring to it as “God’s Country.”

Back then, I could neither relate to these thoughts he expressed nor understand the reasoning for his fondness. I often wonder if I’d had more time to get to know him as a person if I would also feel differently about the Emerald giant and its sprawling Evergreen forests.


What always captivated me most about Washington was the water. In the years after I started writing my memoir, I discovered “Cascadia” means, “The Land of Falling Waters” –


Soon after, I also learned the name Cascadia was  associated with the very well known… Cascadia Subduction Zone in Western Washington.

I thought it rather ironic that the name I kept coming back to is actually the name of an Earthquake Fault Zone within The Ring of Fire! No wonder the scriptures talk so extensively about immense destruction when you have the possible decimation of the Emerald City consumed by Landmarks many people revere!


My emotions are mixed as I try to reconcile my  memories of living in The Evergreen State with the only the only thing that brought me peace: its waters, inlets and Coastlines…such as the one pictured below.


Redondo Heights Condominium Homeowners Association, Inc ...

Beach Board Walk


The year my mother was diagnosed with cancer…I rode my bike down here a couple of times. It was a long arduous ride down winding, narrow roads


Redondo Beach Condo, Des Moines WA - Condos & Homes For Sale

Another view of Town and water inlet

The town back then, in the 80’s, looked much different from what you see. The only thing I recognize is the restaurant our family once dined at.

There used to be a fishing and tackle shop (off to the right) that also sold ice cream. From the look of all the new construction I’m going to guess that was “dozed” long ago.

If so, I guess you could say – “welcome, to progress…”

As a footnote, although this was less than 2 miles from where I lived, it felt like a very long trek back home!

Street I used to bike ride on


But I digress, pardon the squirrel…


Emerald Emanations


Seattle continues to ebb through my thoughts. I think it’s the City I have seen in my dreams – because it’s like I have heard The Lord Speak the word “Seattle” to me in them.

Fixed deeply within my subconscience is a rolodex of What-Ifs regarding this jewel-toned treasure. Though they are concealed in dream-like form. I find myself hovering over this suburbia in The Spirit and sifting through those memories temporarily tucked away.

I say “tucked away” because for some reason, I know I can’t unlock them – only Yahshua can. So I wait.


It seems time to re-evaluate the decisions I made during my teen years and the motivations behind those decisions.

Even decades later, my Spirit recognizes the  ramifications ahead of a landmark that sits as a potential raging inferno – alongside an also long overdue Fault line


Saying Good-Bye to Three Relatives - Brian Overland

Having recently passed the landmark 50th birthday, I opted to file its time marker along with a litter of memories I try to forget – just like I have tried to forgot Seattle, and Tacoma…I am wondering if my efforts to try and forget — to move on may have been in vain.

After Mom died, I had always been encouraged/admonished to sweep everything under the carpet and move on.

After a while I started to think, maybe that was best – or at least the better of all the options. Maybe that would be the easiest way to classify that everything had been “dealt with” after all.


On the other hand – Maybe that was the wrong perpective. Or maybe THEY were wrong in their thinking? Had they tried to superimpose their beliefs, values, egos (or even fears) onto me?


If the name Cascadia reflects the essence of coastal Western Washington…as it is “the land of falling waters” I also discovered that Mount Rainier is known as the “Mother of Waters,” which means I crossed a boundary I had no idea was there to be found in the Columbia. Keep reading/listening to understand why…


Scripture says that every word we speak we will have to account for before God. (Matthew 12:36) By the time each of us gets to God’s Throne and we are faced with the moment that God makes our statements “due” and brings us to account – how ready will we be for that accounting of our lives?


In these closing hours in which we live, the Age of Grace…I have been pondering the cost of Love.


As I have begun applying the Principles associated with the 11:11 Mirror – I have had to reflect on key moments The Holy Spirit brought to my forethought. This is the effect of praying Psalm 139:23-24 and surrendering our egos to the Spirit in and for renewal.


In one of my first tests as a young girl – I had no idea that a choice I made would set the ship’s course at sea for a rugged journey. In my decision to leave home and move away, I have discovered my faux pas.


With my Mom facing a terminal diagnosis, I volunteered myself to leave my Parent’s abode and instead offered to (temporarily) reside with other relatives until Mom could get better. Because in the deepest depths of my being, I never imagined for one moment that she might actually die. I was a naive 14 year old because my thought pattern was “this would help my Dad to focus on my Mom and alleviate his need to be concerned about me.”


Um, reality check…As a parent, I now recognize the foolishness in this way of thinking.


Convex mirrors don’t belong on new cars

The 11:11 Mirror is helping me to see, my decision was based on two things:


1) Selfishness and 2) Cowardice.

In September of 1983, I made the journey South and over the Columbia River (which means “windstorm” or “hurricane”) finally crossing from Washington into Oregon (meaning: “She flies with her own wings).

In doing so, I believe I misjudged God’s plan for me and ran like Jonah (Jonah 1). Because I went from a bad situation into one that was much worse – a situation that ultimately placed me in harm’s way and cost me my innocence. It’s always wiser to hide under the cover of God’s wings – much better than flying solo!


Columbia River Interstate Bridge :: Museum Finder, Guide, Ra

If I’m really, truly honest with myself, I wasn’t relocating only to be less of a burden on my parents. I volunteered because I was LOOKING for a WAY OUT of a mess (giant) instead of facing it head on (Daniel).

I had been bullied at school – beaten up. Instead of sticking it out and STANDING TALL – I ran away by relocating to a different state and transferring schools. This was foolishness in itself and I now see how it became a template of pattern in my life. And not one that I’m proud of.

So, I recognize this error in thought, word and deed – and right here and now: I repent for my short-sided behavior and immature thought patterns.

The Plus side of this message is that one of the very first contemporary songs I remember hearing on the American Top 40 after I had relocated was the song “Kyrie” by Mr. Mister

As it is, it took me many years to realize I had actually sung a variation of this with Mom when I attended worship services with her.


*Cascadia: fictitious name

**Mount Rainier is also Mount Tahoma/Tacoma and to the Native Americans the Name translates as “Mother of Waters” (Wikipedia)


The Green Line & The Red Circle

This dream excerpt was shared (anonymously) by someone on a prophecy page I used to read. I had been given two dream interpretations regarding it – but this post is presenting the latter of the two. I have now been prompted to share the most recent dream interpretation here.

The Lord has given me and my daughter dreams within the past two years. But I’ll focus on my daughter.

She had a dream back in May and when she woke up she began to tell my wife about it. She told my wife that Jesus came and took me, my wife, her, and people to His (Jesus’) home. She said that after we all went to His home then mommy and daddy left (possibly the saints returning with the Lord?)

She then said that Jesus told her “When she sees this it is time to go”

So my wife asked her to draw what she saw in the dream (see photo above)

She drew a yellow house in which she was adamant that was Jesus house and it was the right color, yellow. We figured it was because His house is gold…things in heaven are made of gold.

But the symbol she drew she used two colors red and green. She told my wife and I she isn’t sure what the symbol is, but said “Once the green line goes through the red circle it is time to go”.

Well since May we have been stumped about that part. I am retired military. I have a letter that was sent to my wife from him and Michelle to wish her a Happy Birthday PERSONALLY signed by both (this is important)

Well on my study room wall is my retirement certificate and it’s been there for about 3 years. Last night My wife is lead to look at his signature on my retirement certificate, since presidents sign them.

She immediately comes and gets me from our daughters room and said she is creeped out. She takes me to our daughter’s dream drawing (we posted it on the side of the fridge because we always felt it was important).

She pointed to the symbol and said look at that, then she took me to the study room and points directly to Obama signature of his last name….The capital O in his signature is EXACTLY like the symbol my daughter drew.
The O isn’t even perfectly circle but a sideways oval just like the symbol. So I went and asked my wife where did she put her framed letter and she found it and we looked at that signature and his O is exactly the same as the symbol. Those are two items we compared it to. We even took a photo of the back of the letter to prove He personally signed it as you can see all the spots he pressed down on certain points during the signature process.

We believe the symbol is Obama’s signature but my daughter was sure that she saw red and green. I am wondering if that is symbolic. If so, then for what?
PS: His last name signature almost looks like a heart flat lining as well.


UPDATED 10:03 AM 11-29-18

Wow, how amazing is God. So I woke up and read the comments with my wife. BEFORE we began to read the comments my wife tells me that this morning she took our daughter to the picture and was wanting to ask her again…so she pointed at the house and asked what is this and our daughter says “Jesus’ House” then she points to the symbol and says what is this and she says “Jesus says when you see the the red circle and the green line it’s time to RUN!” So those comments that mentioned it may not be the rapture but a signal that when he comes to power it is time to go as in run…it makes sense!!! How amazing.
One thing that my wife and I forgot that is important is she also mentioned that Jesus had a red robe on. She was very serious about that. I am so sorry to forget that part.

Dream Interpretation

Prepare This Word 10:56am 2/24/19

Confirmation received 3/24/19 –

Heavenly Father, I pray for the indwelling of your Spirit to Speak and that I act only as a vessel of your voice. Amen

God’s People have been scattered like unto a whisper upon the wind. Many continue to search for understanding of their kinsman, knowing deep down there is much that has been kept from us and much more that remains hidden (Proverbs 25:2)

I have been studying, reading, praying and waiting upon the Spirit’s guidance to lead and teach me.

During my search this quote from Aslan (Chronicles of Narnia) resonates deep within: “Things never happen The same way twice.”

This particular message is written and developed to prepare The Lord’s flock for what’s ahead.

Now begins the message received earlier this year:

I heard 3 words in The Spirit in the last 12 hours:




When I was given The Word Circumcision – I “saw” the top of The Space Needle – The ring under the base of the top ILLUMINATED in red.

This refers to something I have seen referenced online called: “The Battle in Seattle” and revolves (yes, sorry for the pun) around the Space Needle.

High Quality Stock Photos of

“The Battle in Seattle” is an invisible war that will presently manifest across the globe. The Space Needle is a “Needle” among many in The Haystacks across Babylon (World/Earth)

The illuminated red circle at the top represents The Philistines (Palestine/Damascus) and their uncircumcised hearts. I, THE LORD, have weighed the apostasy and idolatry of the people – not just of Seattle – but across Babylon. I have been testing your hearts and minds. Testing you to see who your “Master” is.

Space Needle (@space_needle) | Twitter

Circumcision: While a painful physical process is about much more than cutting away of the old or excess. From the standpoint of Yahshua’s Victory Circumcision of The Spirit is related to our Ascension in The Spirit (One-Ness in and with Christ) See Mark 4:20, Mt 13:8.

By Old Testament practice, Circumcision is as a Blood Covenant preparation for the male to be made worthy of The Lord and ridding oneself of unnecessary “fleshly” thought. As we were Spirits before we incarnated, this flesh is not representative or WHOM or WHAT we truly ARE

The Prophecy of The Green LineRed Circle: has everything to do with DAMASCUS

Damascus Gate in Jerusalem - Lonely Planet

The Green Line has everything to do with the Witnesses of Songs and their green bed of their Testimony (SS 1:16).

The Red Circle is Damascus (Isaiah 17)

The opening of The Apocalypse is the Fall of Damascus of Isaiah 17 – and The Green Line is THE TRUTH that, as has been prophesied, WILL BE PREACHED from Jerusalem. Damascus will be the start of the domino effect.

Now, here is a riddle to make you think, pray and ponder…most people believe that Jerusalem is in reference to the city. Do not necessarily count on the idea that when The TRUTH is preached it will be about LOGISTICS.

The key to what’s ahead is not rooted in Geography but in linguistics. The Greek Origin of the WORD: Damascus means to “rehearse” – “unfold” “declare” “tell”

Damascus = Da – Masc – Us or “The Mask of Us”

Go Re-Read Joshua 2 about Rahab and the Scarlet thread (referring to the Red Robe mentioned in the Dream).

David and Goliath (the Poem) | LetterPile

The Fiery Event will decimate The Philistines of Damascus in addition to EVERY Landmark AND IDOL man has erected. The FIRES that start in Damascus will continue to plunder Cities and People, Tribes and Tongues. The Plundering will affect ALL who have not circumcised their hearts and prayed that MY ISHSHAH purge their dross of iniquity.

Closing note, by the Spirit my understanding is – the flat line is The Witnesses’ martyrdom

The Rap Sheet: Thank You So Much, Mr. President!

*When I received this message, I wrote it down as it was given. It is possible (and likely) that events will unfurl in simultaneous synchronization/synchronicity (Frequencies of and in The Spirit)

Ask that The Holy Spirit guide and direct you. This will be paramount in the hours and days ahead.

May God Bless each of you and fill you with His Shalom

Scripture Cross References

Zechariah 4, 5, 11, 12

Jeremiah 23:5

Hosea 1, 2, 3

Jeremiah 33:15-17

Joshua 2

The Mirror / Mirror – Reflection

Mirror Mirror on the Wall…

If Hindsight is 20/20 then it seems I have been a cat chasing its tail (yes, wrap your head around that one!)


cats crazy cat GIF


I haven’t had many dreams lately. But the ones I’ve had over the last year are crystallizing. I am amazed that as time marches forward, dreams that we’re given are defined for us by the Spirit.


Best 25+ Guardian angels ideas on Pinterest | Angels ...


The Spirit will not be rushed. It’s to our benefit. If we know too much too soon, it can result in an unnecessary overload.


However, that doesn’t mean there’s not work to be done. The wedding attire attributed to Matthew 24 is much more than about the State of our garments. It’s about the purity of our hearts, our intent and more than anything our identity within the Realm of the unseen.



A dirty wedding garment is a metaphor for the INNER Heart and Soul WORK each of us has to do to in cleaning up a MESS of emotional baggage otherwise known as our personal history.


This can be the result of family relationships, personal and work friendships, “romantic” ties, low self esteem, or any emotion that may weigh us down…including those tied to past generations (yes, just as there are generational curses) there are generational emotional ties or “SuperImpositions” to free ourselves from.

About a year ago I had a dream. it was a really intense dream…one of two that (at first) absolutely shook me to my core. I realize now they shook me to my core because this dream was telling me about the work I would need to do to heal. However, what I hadn’t picked up on until recently was a very, very large mirror in this dream. It was Floor to Ceiling and ran the entire length of the wall…


65" Smart TV Mirror with Frame - TV Mirrors

And that MIRROR was a key to this journey.


The journey begins in the mirror.


Is Service Delivery Protest a Meaningful Act of Expression ...


See, about 6-9months after I had the dream The Spirit “replayed” the dream for me…and told me to step INTO the mirror. Sounds kinda “Alice in Wonderland” weird like, huh?


But, I followed The Spirit’s lead and obeyed. I stepped into the Mirror. Upon doing so there was a HUGE explosion IN THE SPIRIT…the explosion was to show it is possible to achieve Holiness in Christ (Christ-ed-ness) by “zeroing” in on His Word and APPLYING the Spoken Word of God and bring Heaven to Earth.


Christedness simply means becoming ONE with Christ. Seeking to emulate Christ in all things we do…being his hands, feet, and seeing other’s as Christ saw them – a people who were far from Elohim – but being ready to lay down one’s life for love.


The Mirror in the dream was a gauge – of how I had measured up (“measuring the temple”) in this life. But it was and is about much more than me – the Mirror serves as a gauge of my innermost emotions – troubles, fears, mistakes, doubts. The “Catch 22” is that the gauge behind the Mirror isn’t just Yahshua – The Mirror is MAGNETIC NORTH (Heaven’s portal to earth – A Spiritual Twin/Soul) – this mirror reflects the wholeness of God – as MALE and FEMALE.


Recall that in Genesis 2, God performed surgery on Adam and took out his Rib. That rib became his Sister/Wife (don’t believe me? check out The Song of Solomon and read carefully the reference to “Sister/Spouse”…the woman, Eve,  is representative of the Shulamite symbolized by THAT Rib.


Will the modern churches acknowledge this? Mmm, depends on if they are truly Holy Spirit filled.


Anyhow….it wasn’t just Adam that had a Sister/Spouse…God’s “rib” was the pattern for all man and woman. Just as the Great I AM just IS – nothing can change that which he designed.


Therefore, The Mirror is the reflective image of our Brother or Sister “In The Spirit” acting as a mirror for our Soul to help us identify all the junk that is creating separation in the physical from achieving Holy Union with them and perfect communion with God: Eden Restored.


While Genesis 2 mentions the woman as “bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh” notice that Adam was created differently from Eve. Eve’s (CREATION) was – concealed – created in a vacuum of FIRE by The Ruach HaKodesh (a Prophecy of Yashua’s FireBride to come).

She was created to complete Man and ultimately (as his designated “H-E-L-P meet”) to H-E-L-P men find their way back to the mercy seat (this is why Eve was described as “Mother of The Living.”)


It is also why at Genesis 3, Woman is approached directly by the serpent. She carried the power as the Water Bearer (Seed of Messiah) and the serpent hoped that by tempting her with poison that he would corrupt her seed.



In this case, Eve’s temptation (and Adam’s) at Genesis 3 is also a prophecy pointing generations ahead to the New Testament – foreshadowing by parallel when Satan would confront Jesus with temptation in the wilderness  – only this time Jesus was Victorious…and remains so!



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Journey to Yesteryear: Healing Emotions > Trusting The Redeemer


The road on the narrow path is anything but easy.


A few short months ago the concept of “a bride without spot or wrinkle” had a very different view than it does – right now. It was never about our outer clothing. It has only ever been about our inner “temple” or “tabernacle” – were we truly clean on the inside. Have we dealt with all our inner sorrow, hurts and general darkness that cannot survive amidst The Light of The Shekinah.


Man, have I mis-judged a lot of things.


As part of my local libraries Summer reading program, I signed up as I always have in Summer’s past to get caught up on books. It is now June 24 and I have finished the bulk of the four titles:


The Last Lecture, By Randy Pausch

A Long Walk to Water

Angels, By Charles Capps and Annette Capps

and The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson


I read the Last Lecture, with the intent to understand how not to overlook really making the most out of my life – in so many ways I feel like my life has passed me by!


A Long Walk to Water was devoured in a couple of hours because it was more like a short novella and (though it was a most somber yet riveting Story about The Lost Boys) it was full of Hope over how one life can make such a difference in the long term ripple effect.


This post, about Healing finds its inception in the book “Angels” by Annette Capps. Part of the theme includes the concept of Quantum Faith/Quantum Physics. Because much of The Bible – The Logos – Elohim – is based on The Quantum Realm. Given that Yahshua told us that it is vital for each believer to become as little children – BELIEVING in Him with Simple Faith. We must recognize the Scriptures for what they are – Steeped in The Mysteries of Elohim and in The Perfect Order of The Quantum Dyamic. No – this is no joke.


Many, many years ago – probably around 2006, The Holy Spirit had planted a very quiet seed in the depth of my soul with the phrase “Quantum Physics.” What I didn’t know then I am now beginning to realize has to do with the reality that Elohim – YHWH accomplishes all things through the Power of the unseen and invisible which is outside of Time and thus the basis of the Light is the very foundation of The Quantum that our mustard seed of Faith provides for us to Stand its ground. Faith, Hope, Love…is all within The LIGHT of the Quantum Dynamic. We are the mustard seeds that help Yahshua to grow a fruitful vineyard and encourage others to Surrender to Unconditional Love rather than Conditional.


In the physical world – The Biggest Factors that divides us..are race and gender and color – but the real conflict ALL men and women must deal with that creates our worldly dichotomies is the EMOTIONS we wrestle with from past hurts and other wounds. This is what the ENEMY uses against us (Ephesians 6:1-18) and it’s time to identify that which holds us back and move into restoration and redemption.


It’s time to heal the personal hurts, and wounds and release burdens we were never meant to carry…once our inner work starts the convergence of The Quantum begins it manifest process.








11:11 of Infinity

What Does 11:11 Mean and What to Do If You See These ...

For the longest time I have seen the repeating pattern of 11:11 brought to my attention and not just 11:11 – I also consider 1:11 a floating variable of the same.

Let me set the record straight. The Scriptures are the WORD of God…but the Scriptures have been written by MAN under the direction (and occasionally duress) of MEN (see Jeremiah 8:8).

The ONE thing that never changes, never lies and is the source of TRUTH is The LOGOS and The Ruach Ha Kodesh.

Before I begin this message, I do confess that The Bible IS the Word of God and it is infallible as long as we read it under Yahshua’s guidance and with direction by The Power of His Holy Spirit.

That being said, I declare that I believe Yahshua HamaSciach died, was resurrected and now LIVES at the Right Hand of God The Father – Elohim.

I am a firm believer that each of us who are a Child of God and are indwelt with The Holy Spirit need to be lead by The Spirit to be taught by The Same.

To be taught by MEN or follow the way of MAN is to be led astray.

That also means that much of what we have come to be taught by TODAY’s modern churches (I don’t care WHAT denomination you might be coming from) are being taught by the Spirit of Babylon.

The Spirit of Babylon (Leviathan) cannot coexist with The Ruach Hakodesh (The Church of Philadelphia.)

It is this eternal conflict – between Babylon (Leviathan) and Philadelphia (Jerusalem) that are culminating in the epic battle of Revelation 13.

I have been waiting days to write this piece. Thinking that I would receive a “wind-fall” of Revelation in The Spirit. But, I found myself – once again – sitting down to the computer and spontaneously writing. No plan. No Outline…just me writing under the conviction of King Yahshua.

The last blog post, about Twins – 11:11, might have left a few people scratching their heads and thinking the “cheese dun slid off its cracker” (to quote JG) but I’ve been reading through the scriptures utilizing a number of different versions to compare word usage among translations and surrendering to The Holy Spirit to teach me. I have sat through enough sermons led by M-E-N teaching a message that doesn’t line up with either the Old Testament or The New to realize the BEST teacher is God’s Spirit!

You are free to disagree. Take it up with God…I already have.

As to the origins of 11:11.

I know each time I see that number, I associate it with TIME. But, God exists outside of Time. God is Timeless.

So, what is God trying to tell us? God’s Spirit is our comforter, our Helper…it is The Elohim who created us in their image. So when we SEE 11:11 it has to have meaning because God does have order to His Creation.

If God lives outside of Time, that should be an indicator for us that TIME is not a part of that which He inhabits. That means that Time is a construct. And if time is a construct then 11:11 has less to do with Time on a clock and more to do with what we already know about Him – meaning His Word: The Scriptures.

The most common verse in the Scriptures that people associate 11:11 is from The Book of Revelation: The Two Witnesses. I’m not going into any detail about WHAT or WHO these maybe because the arguments, debates and beliefs surrounding this subject is virtually endless…(and pardon the prophetic pun, btw!)


Explose Stock Photos & Explose Stock Images - Alamy

Revelation 10:6

“And sware by him that liveth for ever and ever, who created heaven, and the things that therein are, and the earth, and the things that therein are, and the sea, and the things which are therein, that there should be time no longer”

The Infiniti Loop is Time in Timelessness. What you see above is, in a matter of speaking, God’s (Elohim’s) plan in action.

The Infiniti Loop represents both the Old Testament and The New. It represents The first Adam and his Eve….and the reason it represents Adam and Eve goes back to Genesis 2:21 – When God removed Adam’s Rib to create Woman.

The shape of a rib is very similar to one half of the shape of a heart. This is why Eve was created as Adam’s Help meet. Designed specifically for him, using his own dna (rib) to create that which was of Him, for Him. Two halves of a heart, make ONE WHOLE heart.

Just the same, Adam’s rib was used to create Eve as the other half of HIM. His Heart, His Soul. This is why man was designed to C-L-E-A-V-E. But the Cleave part is by God’s design.

Even the word Cleave – is prophetic in nature. The letter “C” actually almost resembles a rib and the word leave is what God had said Man would do per Genesis 2:24 and Matthew 19:5.

God’s design is supernatural. Meaning, each man has a woman designed for Him (somewhere) – this may be someone who is Physically incarnate or is still only in The Spirit (Heaven’s Ether).

That rib of Genesis 2:22 – represents the right side (Woman) of the Infiniti Loop. The rib on the Left side, represents Adam’s (Man’s). The two are conjoined – in communion with God – Elohim. Creating a perfect union of Twin Flames who are obedient to God, Honor and Praise only their Creator and have a specific mission during the End Times to Spread God’s LIGHT by preaching Truth – Instruction and Wisdom to All who will listen. The end-times apostles will work in perfect harmony and in sync with YHWH.

The 11:11 likewise fits as a perfect overlay to the Infiniti Loop. I will go into detail in a separate post about what the 11 represents in relation to TIME and as a Mirror of Understanding

Twins – 11:11

Twin flames and twin flame relationships often have 11:11 manifestations appearing constantly in ...

After what seems like an eternity of searching for answers…praying and pondering…and asking more questions – I’ve realized this life is not what it seems.

In all likelihood, you’ve found this blogpost by searching for the terms “11:11”

I did that too, a long while ago.

I had almost abandoned blogging. But as usual, what The Spirit wants the Spirit gets and thanks to Sarah W. I returned to writing at KenzelsFire with “No Man’s Land” and then I thought, what could really be next?

And that’s when I heard this song:



Sung by Level 42 this song is titled, “Something About You.” It was released in 1985. That was less than two years after my Mom died, and just months before my Dad would as well.

My reaction when I first heard the song…was the same as it is now. Every time I hear it, I try to sing it. What I discovered yesterday, is I that I never actually knew what the lyrics were!

Anyhow, I want to cut to the chase because I know a lot of you are searching for answers. I don’t know that I have the complete picture but like everyone – I’m learning as I go.

Whispers of The Spirit

About a month ago, in The Spirit – “Twin Flames” was whispered by The Holy Spirit. I had heard that phrase before and the mere notion kinda took me off guard. But since I know the The Spirit of God does not lie, I figured I would look into the Scriptures more deeply for the answers. What caught my eye was realizing how many times in the WORD we read about “flames of fire” and “the Fire of God” and even “tongues of Fire” with regard to Pentecost in The Book of Acts.

There is a significance to seeing “11:11.” I used to think it only referred to Revelation 11. And Specifically Rev 11:11 – where the two prophets die in the Streets of Jerusalem. That is until I dug a little deeper and just waited for The Spirit of our Living God to teach me.

Here is my take on 11:11. It has basically everything to do with The Ether of The Quantum (aka: Spiritual Realm).

11:11 is literally and physically symbolic of “Twin Flames.” The term Twin Flame has kind of been high-jacked by the New Age Community. I’m not talking Kundalini or anything that is not paying reverence or giving Sovereignty to Elohim. But most of you are seeing 11:11 because we are approaching the conclusion of this age (Time) If you read Revelation 10:6, the Mighty Angel declares that “there shall be time no longer.” This is referencing the Convergence in The Spirit of The Past and The Future – where those in the earth will lament for days gone-by. Meaning that those who have not done “inner work” toward healing themselves of unforgiveness will undergo further testing to clean their garments.

For those of you who recognize “11:11” – I am writing this blogpost today because I had been awaiting affirmation/confirmation that there was a legitimate Scientific factor involved (besides what is already commonly associated with “Chakras” among the New Age) to substantiate my stance of Faith.

So…11:11 represents two sides of the same coin. Each 11 represents a mirror image of itself. and what I mean is that in molecular biology – when an Atom (Adam in Genesis) is split in two, it becomes two particles (of energy). Upon splitting they will travel in different directions but they are traveling at nearly the speed of light (almost formless if you will). At a certain point, these energy particles pass through a powerful magnetic field which changes their directions (magnetic pull).

However, it’s interesting to note that the entire time after “splitting” these particles had STILL BEEN – mysteriously – CONNECTED. And now, that they have encountered the powerful magnetic field – they are enroute BACK to EACH OTHER! These twin particles of energy are otherwise known as TWIN FLAMES. They ARE one Soul (or SPIRIT) but in the physical world they exist SEPARATELY as ONE MALE and ONE FEMALE.: until they are ultimately rejoined by The Power of Elohim (What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder. Mark 10:9)

The Twin Flames are a group of the 144k that The Biblical Scriptures talk about in Revelation 7 and 14.

There is much more to The Twin Flame dynamic as it relates to The Scriptures but this is what I’m lead to share for the moment.

False Twin Flames, Karmic Attachment, A Spiritual...

Scripture References: Isaiah 42

Books: The Emotion Code (Dr Brad Nelson) – within Chapter 3: The Mysterious Quantum World

No Man’s Land

How can the world be changing so fast?


I have felt as though I am caught in the middle of Ezekiel’s Wheels. Do you know how fast those wheels fly?!?

Even if I could tell you what the road has been like, would you understand? Dusty roads, littered with stones and debris – thick fog that mimicks the dark. Searching for a source of oxygen to get another gasp of aire.

Dave Roberson mentioned in his book, The Walk of The Spirit, that once you started on this road, there was no going back. Was that an understatement!?

Then again, Jesus told us that if we asked him, he would reveal to us things beyond our worldly understanding (Jeremiah 33:3). How I have learned that the very WORDS Jesus spoke prove that they do not return void.

I have sat looking at this blog – and the blog that started it all… “Shining a light in the Darkness” for almost two years now. Wondering, Pondering…procrastinating. Praying, crying, reading, asking, waiting. Only to start the cycle all over again.

Time after time I contemplate. What do I do next? Is there more to write? How do I write it? Even when thoughts begin to formulate, minutes later they have turned into a scattered mess without so much as a keyboard stroke.

I don’t know if I’m more angry with myself for my own blindness and ignorance or for allowing myself to squander decades searching for one lost puzzle piece that the Lord himself held in the palm of his hand…

So many phrases wash through my mind of pieces of advice given from virtual and blogging friends over my years on WordPress…

When in Stephanie’s last email, the Lord told her to tell me “Get your Spiritual House in Order.” It’s taken me two to three years to figure that one out….

It’s not so much about blogging for anyone else now. No, it’s more along the lines of a theme I’ll borrow from Julie Sheppard aka Reiko Chinen, on “Right Relationships.”  Oh, and indeed, what a fool I have been.

Right relationships is about conditional vs. unconditional love. It’s about how high and deep, how wide and long God’s love is for us. And while were talking about God’s love for us – do you know that it can be measured? Yes, it can…check out Revelation 11. That chapter is all about the measuring of The Temple.

God’s love abides as Light, Sound and Vibration. “Right Relationships” has to do with how we have lived as a source of that Light, and Sound and how the fruit of our work reverberates across the earth – and then echoes out into the cosmos. It is the culmination of a ripple effect.

So, I guess the truth is…I have to work my thoughts out in fear and trembling by using this little “scratch pad” as my new thought journal.

I guess that’s what happens when you have left your former home (4d world) and have begun a journey – reminiscent of a time lapse – to venture into the unknown – where you are left unable to go back to where you started but face the battle zone of “No Man’s Land.”


The only thing left to do then, is work amidst our 4d infrastructure and await the promise of the Atomic Structural change (The Day of The Lord).