Testimony: The Autograph

My first racquet was labeled a “Chris Evert.” It’s not difficult for me to remember that because when I first started learning to play tennis she became my role model.

I recall watching every televised match I could find in which she was telecast…I really admired her.

In this moment, I just an an epiphany. In this moment I have been humbled to seek God’s Forgiveness.

Here’s Why:

I was just given a very vivid memory.

My Dad took me to see an exhibition match at the Avon Championships of Seattle. I think this was around 1981. We went to watch Chris compete and after her match was over we sped down from the audience seating to the Seattle Center’s hallways. We were just two among throngs of “fans” waiting to catch a close up glimpse.

Someone next to me was holding some paper. I asked what that was for? They replied “Autograph.” I’d never though of getting an autograph, it had never occurred to me. I don’t remember if I asked or she offered first but I ended up with a blank piece of pink paper.

Next thing we knew, Chris appeared among the “throngs” of people.

Here I was a child tennis prodigy staring into the face of a sports celebrity. I’m embarrassed to admit this but I recall very little about this “autograph” moment. I took one look at Chris and my mind went blank.

My Dad had been standing nearby observing the whole thing and described it in detail. Somehow, even among the large group of admirers vying for her attention I ended up almost right in front of her. My eyes and mind were so fixated on her though that it was like I got pulled int a bizarre trance. I held up my slip of paper to her – but with no pen.

Dad said she looked at me and could see her mouth the words “do you have a pen?” but laughed softly when she realized I had wouldn’t be able to respond because I had become locked in a stunned gaze (mild shock). This was the moment when Dad snapped the picture of me about two feet from her.

Chris Evert was my mom’s favorite (tennis) athlete to watch on television. She asked that I always strive to maintain an on court persona and demeanor similar to Chris: Calm, focused and graceful.

What I completely missed as an innocent youth was that while Chris was a wonderful role model not to lose sight of truth.

The process of this person going from being my “role model” to being an “idol” didn’t happen overnight because when I started learning how to play tennis I was only three. My first competition occurred when I was six.

It’s taken me a long, long time to see that

God created Chris.

God created Me.

We are both special and unique. Just like you gentle reader, none of us can be replaced.

And maybe in hindsight my first lesson in this testimony writing experience starts here. That I have, in the past created idols in my heart or mind. God says we are not to i-d-o-l-i-z-e anyone or anything but Him, right? (Exodus 20:3)

In closing, I failed to recognize that by idolizing this sports figure (even with the most innocent of intentions) I was losing sight of who I was made to be. Rather than understand what I could bring to the game and world of tennis, I got “sucked” into a false reality of seeking fame, fortune and pride…

I won’t bother crying over spilled milk but The Father’s intent is for me to acknowledge the error and ask for forgiveness regarding His 2nd Commandment: You shall make no idols

(it doesn’t matter if it’s a tangible item or something we hold as value.)

Father, forgive me…I repent.

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Why The Earth Shakes

Years ago, someone asked me a question that I don’t think I ever answered because I honestly wasn’t sure I could.

She asked, “What does the voice of God sound like.”

It was a strange question because I thought I’d never heard it.  

Well, that’s partially true.

The truth is WE ALL hear from Heaven…it is usually Jesus (Yahushua) communicating to us via the voice of His Holy Spirit. Some of you are likely to laugh out loud as you read the words just written.

But let me now add this…do you recall hearing the words “Go ahead – make my day…?” Well, imagine those words not being uttered by Clint but by God The Father Almighty – HIMSELF.  Trust me – you don’t want to challenge Him and cause him to respond in that manner.

I don’t utter that most familiar phrase above lightly because I have a rather serious message to share with each of you taking the time to read this.

I now realize, over the course of my lifetime…that the Holy Spirit has been hard at work, trying to get ALL of us to pay attention. If you don’t know much about the Holy Spirit, He is located central within our bodies (your likely aware of the term “gut instinct”? but he also resides in our mind and the best description is the sixth sense). He exists there because as created beings of God we are able to make Him our sole focus – This was by His design.

Anywho, This post is not my idea…but it goes in tandem with the Testimony He has directed me to start writing. And I have been directed to add this additional post to affirm something God (Yahuveh) promised in scripture a very long time ago….(Scripture states that HIS WORD will not return void. Isaiah 55:11)

Here is what you need to know. There IS a difference between Jesus Voice and that of The Father: make no mistake.

Point of reference:

Yesterday, as I was seeking time with Yahushua…He gently reminded me that though I’d finished the recent projects I’d been given that I needed to resume the original assignment I’d received (this assignment was given to me about a year and a half ago.)

It was at the moment I replied, “Really?” that it happened.

God’s voice entered in…and let me tell you…when you HEAR it; YOU CAN’T MISS IT. Because it will leave you SPEECHLESS and STUNNED

Friends, that voice…has no earthly way to describe it. I now FULLY understand WHY He gave us Jesus.

God is our MAKER – and Jesus is our Friend, Intercessor, Advocate. Do you recall in the Bible (Phil 2: 10-12) where it says that “Every knee will bow?” and that we are to work out our salvation with “fear and trembling” (Psalm 2:11)

Yesterday, right after I uttered “Really” – HE in fact responded. “I have told you to write. You do not write alone but you are not excused from this directive.” (at this moment I may have gasped.)

I think that is what He said – it’s relatively close and the reason I am challenged remembering is that HIS voice is like NO Other. His voice is commanding, consuming and a force of power not to be reckoned with but WE are to approach in reverent fear (fear and trembling.)

As a footnote, this was the best I could do for a response. My voice became like that of a tiny mouse and I replied with a very high pitched and extremely timid: “oh-kay”

A million thoughts went through my mind yesterday after this affirmation:

I instantly understood HOW “God Spoke” in ALL of Genesis 1. There is a reason that it happened…HE JUST DOES.

God SPOKE through Jesus when he rebuked the waves and the disciples acknowledged this. (Matthew 8:23-27) HE JUST DOES

And Jesus says directly “Every knee shall bow before me and every tongue shall confess/praise/acknowledge God” (Romans 14:11) HE JUST DOES. HE WILL. Period.

On top of that, as He spoke, my legs trembled and Holy Fear surged in me. In that moment, I realized that God has command of ALL his creation, no matter how much we might want to think otherwise.

Even if it doesn’t seem like He is in control – He is. He is. HE. IS.

God is NOT messing around. He doesn’t want us messing around. Do not squander your time.

He is The Almighty God. The ONE who was. WHO IS. AND IS TO COME.

So, HOW do you know differentiate the voice of God? ASK Him. HE will make sure you CANNOT MISS IT. Jesus voice IS gentle and calming but He also carries God’s AUTHORITY and as such He carries the same FULL WEIGHT and power.

God made the Universe and He did this with THAT voice. NO ONE WILL ESCAPE from having to account for every THOUGHT you think, for EVERY DEED or ACTION you make and HOW you TREAT others.

And as far as the title of this post is concerned; if God decided to, He could make the earth shake by simply commanding it to. 

The Earth and everything in it IS His. 

He is trying to get our attention. How far will He have to go to make that happen? 

Earnestly SEEK Him and PAY Attention. (Jeremiah 29:13)



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Audio Podcast: Psalm 6

Recording of Psalm 6 KJV Sep 19, 2017 08:54


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Testimony – Part I – The Genesis

If you’ve ever read the Book of Genesis in the Bible, you may recall the Words “In the beginning God created…” from Genesis 1:1. A little further along in Genesis, specifically Genesis 1:3, God speaks and says “Let there be Light.”

I am diving into Part 1 of this testimony for three reasons. 1) When God tells you to do something, you finally discover that the sooner you start the assignment the closer you are to getting it done. 2) I am His created being, and as you will soon read 3) He has spoken.

While I was in prayer this morning I was just basking in His presence. Generally, that’s a good thing to do…except that earlier in the morning He’d told me to do something specific and as of that moment I had not started working on it.

I will give you a sampling of the conversation:

“Daughter, do you recall the directive The Father gave you this morning regarding your next task?”

“Um…yes, I do…why?”

“Do you recall how long it took you to finish the last projects I gave you? I assigned them in March – but you didn’t start them until July and just finished them recently. Do you really want to keep The Father waiting?”

(You should have seen the look on my face…not to mention the thoughts racing through my mind…)

“Lord, was He serious about that directive?”

“As serious as He was when He formed you in your mother’s womb. You have much to do and the longer you take, will only cause a further delay…”

So, gentle reader…here I am with my hands on the keyboard recognizing that I can accept the task at hand and move forward or continue as my own stumbling block and not take God at His Word.

Here goes:


I was born in the late 60’s. The youngest of four. The most interesting part about my youth is probably that I grew up in a motel. My parents owned and managed it. I never thought much about the fact that I was raised in a motel – but prior to writing this morning I looked up the word “motel” to understand the meaning of the word.

It’s kind of interesting as I contemplated its meaning. A place to stay the evening. To lay your head from travels. A place to rest from travels.

I’m going to add an additional “spin” to the above definition. Actually, I acknowledge this as a Word of Knowledge (because there is no way I could come up with this on my own)


Mo = motion

tel = telling about about it

Not only was I raised in a motel, but the motel in some ways set the stage for the rest of my life. I spent much of my youth in a car in motion and now find myself sharing stories “from the road” of life. 


As the youngest of four, my eldest Sister was 20+ years older than I was (just starting college) and Mom and Dad had two teenage boys at home with a new baby.  Once I was old enough, my Dad “toted” me along with him wherever he went with my brother(s). Which was usually tennis related. My oldest brother received a college scholarship and my other brother was working his way up the amateur tennis ladder.

By the time I was old enough to run around as a toddler, Dad had me on the court fetching tennis balls for him so that he could keep me active and still coach my brothers.

Then one day, it happened. They were taking a water break from practice and my Dad had placed his racquet “net-side.” I was three years old when I saw it resting there. Next thing I knew, I had picked it up and started swinging it; my Dad paused from his break and observed my toddler antics.

The following weekend he took me to buy my 1st racquet.

(God’s plan takes “root” with a mustard seed, the smallest of all seeds. See Matthew 13:31-32)

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The Testimony – Introduction

I have started and stopped writing this story more times than I can tell you. My initial attempts were back in 1987/88

Back then, I thought I knew enough and figured I had something to share.

It’s now 2017, and I continue to struggle to put literal/physical pen to paper…

A few years back I was “determined” to write MY story and publish a book. I tried to give myself incentive by writing during “Nanowrimo” (National November Writer’s Month) however, a short time later – I received Holy Spirit insight that I needed to “Lay the book down.” Feel free to read about it here: Writer’s Wisdom

I was so sad and downtrodden.

Little did I know back then that the reason I wasn’t supposed to write was that my motivation for doing so was all wrong.

My original goal in writing the book was to finally become an AUTHOR and make a name for myself as a “professional writer.” In theory that doesn’t sound so bad, except that I found out the wasn’t God’s goal for my life and I have since learned how misdirected that original goal was…

My story is really God’s Story – it is HIS-Story of me. That being the case writing a book required me to put God at the forefront, even if it is about the life that I’ve lived. My life exists because He created me. That means He gets all Glory. He gets credit for the good and He helps me heal through the heartbreak and sorrow…He will do the same for you.

But most important – He is initially asking me to work WITH Him on this. He wants it written on this blog to reach as many people (virtually) as possible so that everyone who is hurting and broken can read about the God who Loves EVERYONE.

This story is not easy for me to tell – to share. Every step I take, I will have to take with him leading me. Frankly, I cannot do this alone.

He has also had me start this blog so I can do things “His Way.” This time around He is bringing people to it. I am not sharing the url with anyone.

This time Father – I look to you for guidance, healing and the touch of your Holy Spirit to restore and sanctify….and I ask that you give me the strength to write what you give me and the words to with which to fulfill this task.

In your Holy Name, Jesus, I pray that your Will be done…


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Audio Podcast: Psalm 5

Audio recording of Psalm 5 KJV Sep 19, 2017 08:41am


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Audio Podcast: Psalm 4

Recorded Sep 15, 2017 16:55 

Psalm 4


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Audio Podcast – PsalmsĀ 

Recorded Sep 15, 2017 10:48 Psalm 3


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Audio Podcast – The PsalmsĀ 

Podcast recorded Sep 15, 2017 10:40 

Reading of Psalm 2, less than 2 minutes


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Podcast Recording- The Psalms

Podcast recorded on Sep 15, 2017 10:36 Reading Psalm 1… (:50 seconds long).


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