No Man’s Land

How can the world be changing so fast?


I have felt as though I am caught in the middle of Ezekiel’s Wheels. Do you know how fast those wheels fly?!?

Even if I could tell you what the road has been like, would you understand? Dusty roads, littered with stones and debris – thick fog that mimicks the dark. Searching for a source of oxygen to get another gasp of aire.

Dave Roberson mentioned in his book, The Walk of The Spirit, that once you started on this road, there was no going back. Was that an understatement!?

Then again, Jesus told us that if we asked him, he would reveal to us things beyond our worldly understanding (Jeremiah 33:3). How I have learned that the very WORDS Jesus spoke prove that they do not return void.

I have sat looking at this blog – and the blog that started it all… “Shining a light in the Darkness” for almost two years now. Wondering, Pondering…procrastinating. Praying, crying, reading, asking, waiting. Only to start the cycle all over again.

Time after time I contemplate. What do I do next? Is there more to write? How do I write it? Even when thoughts begin to formulate, minutes later they have turned into a scattered mess without so much as a keyboard stroke.

I don’t know if I’m more angry with myself for my own blindness and ignorance or for allowing myself to squander decades searching for one lost puzzle piece that the Lord himself held in the palm of his hand…

So many phrases wash through my mind of pieces of advice given from virtual and blogging friends over my years on WordPress…

When in Stephanie’s last email, the Lord told her to tell me “Get your Spiritual House in Order.” It’s taken me two to three years to figure that one out….

It’s not so much about blogging for anyone else now. No, it’s more along the lines of a theme I’ll borrow from Julie Sheppard aka Reiko Chinen, on “Right Relationships.”  Oh, and indeed, what a fool I have been.

Right relationships is about conditional vs. unconditional love. It’s about how high and deep, how wide and long God’s love is for us. And while were talking about God’s love for us – do you know that it can be measured? Yes, it can…check out Revelation 11. That chapter is all about the measuring of The Temple.

God’s love abides as Light, Sound and Vibration. “Right Relationships” has to do with how we have lived as a source of that Light, and Sound and how the fruit of our work reverberates across the earth – and then echoes out into the cosmos. It is the culmination of a ripple effect.

So, I guess the truth is…I have to work my thoughts out in fear and trembling by using this little “scratch pad” as my new thought journal.

I guess that’s what happens when you have left your former home (4d world) and have begun a journey – reminiscent of a time lapse – to venture into the unknown – where you are left unable to go back to where you started but face the battle zone of “No Man’s Land.”


The only thing left to do then, is work amidst our 4d infrastructure and await the promise of the Atomic Structural change (The Day of The Lord).