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Phase One

I received this message from The Father between yesterday afternoon and this morning. I also had to rewrite this today, because I found the original journal entry I jotted my notes down on after I published it:

Each time I return to the keyboard – it is with slight hesitation because each writing attempt is feels like The Lord stretching me beyond what I believe is possible.

He stretched me back in 2009 when I heard His “Still – Small Voice” the first time ever say “I want you to start a blog.”

In the moment that I heard him utter those words I’m embarrassed to admit, I repeated exactly what Sarah did in scripture (Gen 18:12) I laughed out loud and said “start a blog? You have to be joking – I don’t blog…I don’t know the first thing about it.”

It is now almost 9 years later and He continues to stretch me.

In the last two month He told me something that I think relates directly to this moment of Phase One. He told me:

“I will be your provision. You have counted on others most of your life. You will soon lean entirely on me for sustenance, provision and meeting all your needs.”

I think the dream I had on 3/28 ties in here – but He shares with me what I need to know as I need to know it. He knows me and how and when to balance when I need “Meat” vs. “Milk.”

Which brings me to the past couple of weeks. I have been under pressure to monetize this blog. But this blog doesn’t really belong to me – and “monetizing” it is really His business not mine because it was He who basically breathed life into it from the beginning. I didn’t know which direction to go so I placed the concern back in His hands. And that’s when He responded with this:

“Daughter, Part of your Gifting is helping others with deliverance. That gifting will emerge with time (as such, in phases) and as World Events unfold. No one can change that for which you have been purposed.

The first step was your a) recognizing that this is part of your appointed purpose and b) your willingness to accept it. c) Your dream last night, in part, is confirmation of this calling.

In the meantime, the next step is to open up this blog and accept prayer requests from those who visit these pages. Bring these prayers to me. Many will seek Words of Knowledge – and direction. Approach me with these and I shall help you guide My Sheep. I know some have rejected your previous Words of Knowledge – not all will accept them (or you) but do not let this stop you.

I have said I will provide for you. This is the 1st step into your ministry. Trust me and let me show you that I can be your Shelter, Provision and Sustainer (the moment He finished sharing this message with me; He gave me this song.)

I’ll Be Your Shelter

This is a message to My Sheep:

My Daughter’s earthly Ministry has nearly come full circle. She has experienced enough to help lead other’s who are now seeking me; those who hunger and thirst for “Living Water,” yet they need an additional Word (of Wisdom/Knowledge) for direction, strength or assurance.

Those of you reading this, be sure that as you submit a prayer to have contrite hearts & open MINDS – and you are ready to receive insight – this will enable the process Ps 51:17)

Children, by stepping out in Faith – “Phase One” will open doors and provisions (not just for My Daughter but for MANY) who have waited upon this moment for a very long time.

To those who seek prayer and wisdom, My Daughter will speak my words and provide guidance through My Holy Spirit. If you submit a prayer request, be prepared to not just receive feedback from My Daughter, but also to respond to prompting(s) from My Holy Spirit (My – Still – Small- voice) on a personal level.

Be aware: there will often be occasions when a Word of Knowledge is delayed or none is received. There may also be many times when you submit a request here but you will receive the answer DIRECTLY – rather than waiting on Kenzel. If this happens, please let her know…

Although I always HEAR the prayers of my children – many factors contribute to not hearing from the Throne Room of Heaven. Among them: Timing, Sin (hidden/unknown) and lack of time spent in Worship.

If this occurs, consider reading & fully understanding Ps 139:23-24.



Scripture references

Revelation 7

Revelation 8:4

Hosea 1:7

This Blog, It’s author and The work published on it

are ALL covered by the Blood of Jesus Christ.

Beauty for Ashes – Isaiah 61


“…Not my Will…but Yours Be Done.” (Mark 14:36, Luke 22:42)

I have been asking for the past year what The Lord would have me do with this blog.

“Your work: whether written or verbal is to be used for Deliverance, per Isaiah 61.”

I do not know how much time I will have to do that here…events in this world are escalating so very fast and The Lord just reminded me of this previously published blog post titled, “Prophesy.”

I had started out this blog post this morning to update a dream & interpretation (from “Autumn Relationships”) but there isn’t enough time.

However, I am to share this:

“The bus driving off the edge of the building represents The Teacher Walk-Outs that started in W. Virginia. Remain sober, vigilant and repentant. The Event IS Coming.”

I don’t know how many more blog posts I will share here – or if the work He has me do will now transition into a more or less, “face to face,” format but I do know – our King is Coming Soon. He might not be coming the way MANY in the “c”hurch wanted – but He is coming.

I now dedicate this blog and His Work in ME to

The Glory of Jesus – The Christ

and proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord, and the day of vengeance of our God; to comfort all that mourn; to appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that he might be glorified. (Is 61:2-3)


The Holy Spirit also wants me to point out an important key. Prophecy is abounding all over the internet right now, just as are dreams and visions. How many that share their prophecies or dreams are testing the source in addition to asking for clarity, wisdom and understanding?

The bigger question The Lord would ask each of you is what good is Prophecy without action? Meaning – the intent of Prophecy is to speak of things to come. Prophecy is the Testimony of Jesus and the foretelling of events that have not happened but are about to. The reason for Prophecy is to soften people’s hearts (“those who have waxed cold” Mt 24:12) that they would surrender to Jesus’ Will.

Therefore, Prophecy is by its nature indicative of coming change. But the goal is: REAL change is something that must happen from within.

Restoration is what will get Man’s attention but this time Revival will not be attained through the glass pulpits – tent meetings will not be the source.” (Eccl 7:1-4)


No matter what happens – remember God Loves You.

Blessings and GodSpeed to all… 

The Decoy

A Caution from The Father, The Son & Holy Spirit

“For so long they have asked, sought and contemplated.

The question, above all questions – who is the antichrist?

Yes, in my WORD I have told you that if you ask you shall receive. However, there is also another truth, when you beg to know an answer whose time has not yet come – if your heart has an incorrect motive sometimes you will be receive an answer (sometimes more than once) that is correct but is not THE Most correct answer.


My Word says the lawless one will not be revealed until the restrainer is removed. The Father finds it disturbing that his children are more perplexed over the identity of the antichrist than fully understanding the RESTRAINER!”


A couple of years ago, I too, asked The Lord to show me the identity of the antichrist. It wasn’t long before he presented me with a vision – but as with all things it wasn’t what I expected. The image given was of Obama but he was not illuminated. He was shown to me as “carrying darkness” and “presenting a deception” – but the final surprise came last week when I heard the Holy Spirit utter the term “decoy” in regards to his position as AC.

The numbers of people claiming that he is the antichrist makes him seem like the obvious choice. Unfortunately, it is because he seems like the OBVIOUS choice that this is where things get “sticky.”

When has the devil ever operated in a way that is obvious? His goal is a snare…he did it to Eve – is it not possible he is attempting to do the same to God’s Elect? Don’t get “bent out of shape” over this blog post question, either, ’cause I’m just here writing as called to “MAKE MY PEOPLE THINK!”

The LORD now asks each of you this question:


“Do you recall why I told my disciples that I speak in Parables? In a matter of speaking it was to keep the leaders of religious law, ‘on their toes.’ They sought throughout my ministry every avenue to destroy the work The Father would have me do. They were jealous, conniving and full of pride. Has anything changed since I walked the earth?

What if Obama was indeed the antichrist and everyone knew? What good would that do? How does that help you? How does that help anyone?

Speculation breeds distrust. Have you noticed that?

Speculation breeds DIVISION – and ultimately

Speculation can also breed false revelation.

I had my Daughter previously ‘pen’ a blog post where I had her indicate that WHEN the antichrist was revealed – MY ELECT would instantly recognize him.

I NEED My Elect to Trust ME.

In case you have forgotten, I see all that occurs both on earth and in the Spirit realm. My brethren, try to worry LESS about the antichrist and refocus on The Promises of MY WORD. It is MY WORD that will be your weapon once He is revealed.

The enemy, Satan is having a FIELD DAY knowing how many of you have believed the visions you have been given that Obama is in fact the Son of Perdition. Because by believing in that premise before the moment has actually occurred you leave yourself vulnerable to further deception. Pray over yourself and ask me to help you invoke Psalm 139:23-24. Time is critical. Now is not the time to immerse yourself in debates such as this.


Yes, it is amazing to watch Prophecy unfold…but YOU ALL need to be ready for what actually happens when it does because it will be overwhelming for the mortal mind and conscience. I do not say that lightly.


LOOK To your Father, to I – your Savior and Messiah – and The Ruach. We will guide you into all Truth including the Truth of the lawless one.


He is roaming the earth and preparing to reveal himself – so continue to pray for wisdom and especially the Lost.”

I pray that in the coming days you are showered by God’s Grace and Mercy, but above all by His Shalom.


Time with The King

As I sit to read a book I hear, “Just spend time with Me.” So, I put the book down.

Moments after I close my eyes, I am in The Spirit, sitting Lakeside under the tree and I lean my head on his shoulders.

“Lord, I never see myself traveling to this particular place…when I close my eyes and look for, this is where I always see you…”

“And what do you see, Daughter?”

“I see Peace, but this is not earth. What you show me is manifested in a realm not accessible on the earth side of the veil. Here, I sit under a tree, next to a lake that’s surrounded by many hills and a glorious Mountain.”

“You now see a small portion of Open Heaven. You have seen this many times but did not recognize it and though you don’t recognize this consciously you have spent much time here. However, up until recently it was not planned for you to know this.

This is the place where you and I had chosen to meet before your journey began. It is your respite. You didn’t want to meet in The City because you would spend far too much time in the city during your sojourn on earth.”

“Why do I sometimes see you here and other times not?”

“I AM always here but there are times I want to allow you space to let your spirit roam and reflect. I know when you need my shoulder or a hand to hold or arms to hug.”

“Why can’t I just stay here?”

“You understood this ahead of time but the effects of the Time Dimension affect your memory and because of the rules governing sin, where you are is necessary for what The Father requires.”

“People have a hard time finding their way here, don’t they?”

“Indeed. Noise of all types clamor for the attention of men and women. It is the noise that drowns out I AM. The Father will not allow ME to speak over noise and therefore unless someone prepares space to commune with me – receiving The Still Small Voice every soul craves is not possible.”

“I just realized, you’ve been here waiting for me to talk with you for many years in earth time.”

Jesus smiles “That’s true…so I’m ready if you are.”

“I’m ready. ..and Jesus – Thank you for waiting. I love you.”

“You were worth the wait. And I love you, too.”