It happened sometime between 530-6am (7/10/17). 

Though I’d been in repentant prayer, I started dozing…that point where you’re not quite asleep….when I heard and saw some things. 

It was as if I had been listening in to some type of news wire update. Not watching news but just listening. In the background among the words spoken I heard the word “Mexico”

In the 2nd after that word was spoken it was as if my mind was re-woken to the point of recognition. It’s now 823am and what I “heard” ended by 601am (more than two hours ago).

After the word “Mexico” – then I thought I heard “High School”  

The last thing I thought I heard was what sounded like a “shot” (my thoughts keep repeating “shot in the dark)…whether it was the sound of a bullet (since some fireworks can sometimes sound very much like a bullet being fired) or what its significance is I’m not sure. 

Then I was given a closed vision message. I saw what amounted to hundreds of Meteors/meteorites in space, I saw this twice. Followed, by what I can only describe as a set of offset horizontal lines and when I asked what I was seeing I heard “The Time Space Continuum” It was after seeing the Continuum lines that I was again shown the Meteors. (And I’m pretty sure the Hundreds presented each time was just a snippet of the actual numbers of Meteors/meteorites actually there) 

Since this whole dream/vision is very broad I’m really not sure what it could mean or indicate. I wouldn’t have posted it except that at the very end of vision I asked a question and that question was: “what do I do with this?” What I received as the answer was another vision showing me that it would be shared here. 

End of Dream 6:01am

Abide. Abide in Me

Earlier today I took a break from the hobby room and resumed reading Perry Stone’s book “Prophecies Concealed Now Revealed.”

As I read…I thought I heard in the Spirit…”The Birth Pains (end) – The beginning of Sorrows (begin)”

I’m now starting the last chapter called “Decoding the Yom Kippur Cipher.”

The book has provided some good insight. Among the best insight was where Perry defined the Sound of Trumpets associated with the Fall Festival’s Feast of Trumpets  (Ram’s horn) and what each trumpet sound is called and means. 

The Tekia – Long single blast representing The King’s Coronation

The Shevarim – Three short wail -like blasts representative of brokenness/ repentance 

The Teruah – 9 staccato blasts of alarm (to awaken the soul)

The Tekiah Hagadol – a great and long final blasts. 

I have listened to some of these on youtube and these trumpet sounds are extraordinary. 

Where I was going with this post is that we EACH must seek THE LORD individually for wisdom and understanding as we approach the days ahead. 

One thing I remember from reading Pastor Dave Roberson’s book (Walk of The Spirit) is that we are much better off asking Yahuveh to purge us NOW than to have Him deal with them at The Judgement Seat. 

In doing so, not only does refinement happen but there is greater opportunity for The Father to use us as His Vessels as per His design “for such a time as this. ”

That being said, I visited Julie Whedbee’s blog today and her post felt like such an affirmation….as I too have heard “Abide. Abide in Me, to remain standing in the days to come ”


Julie’s message also feels like it resonates with some earlier dreams and vision I’ve shared previously on this blog. 

Cloud Signs/Warnings

If God uses the sky and clouds to share any kind of prophetic insight or wisdom of what’s ahead, then this must be shared. 

While on a walk earlier this evening, the 1st thing I saw as I glanced to the Heaven’s was that the clouds had “formed” what appeared to be a distinct serpents head. There were what appeared to be three other serpent-like formations alongside it but their “faces” were not completely formed in the clouds.

The primary head on this thing was distinct. So much so, I looked at it 2, 3 maybe 4x because I was stunned by each glance. 

Next, maybe 2 minutes later I looked up at a different part of the sky and saw what seemed a fully extended Eagle’s (left) Wing …and this wing had very defined feather’s. I was actually quite sad that I couldn’t see a full on Eagle…because this wing was really beautiful and would have been amazing to see. This wing in the clouds was not small either. 

Within 5 minutes came the most stunning and shocking cloud formation yet. This time I looked up and saw a meteor/asteroid…with a trail behind it. 

This “rock plummeting to the earth” was enormous. I practically shuddered just looking at it. (The time at this moment was 7:33 on 7/8/2017)

Each formation left me stunned but the meteor/asteroid sent chills up my spine.

I now recall that after having noticed the “fireball” I understood I was supposed to share what I had seen on this blog…

I was paused from immediately posting this and then realized I was to share these scriptures that apply to what is described above. 

Please seek The Lord regarding this and ask The Holy Spirit to guide you in Truth. 

Acts 2:19

Ezekiel 7:8-13

Ezekiel 8:7-18

Jeremiah 33:7 

Jeremiah 8:7–17

Isaiah 33

Psalm 33

Exodus 33:7

Revelation 8:7

Revelation 8:13

About Prayer: A must watch video

This video was brought to my attention by a Brother in Christ in India. It is incredibly powerful.


From Lion of Judah


Watching the video, Father, makes me long for greater understanding. You have heard my heartfelt cries for clarity and understanding and for guiding my every step.

Please, help each and everyone of those reading this to receive every word of knowledge and understanding you wish to give them.

Your children, world-wide seek your answers. You’ve told me (you’ve told us in scripture Isaiah 55:11) that your WORD will not return void.

I Believe this TRUTH. Help us to KNOW what to do, what to say, when and where to say what YOU would Speak…and to fill us with your Spirit so that all that is left of us – IS YOU.

Make us ready for the Latter rain, for your Redemptive Judgements and Restoration. Your Glory is what we seek…to awaken the world waiting for you.

Foreboding Sky

The evening light filtering in through the windows was most unusual.  In hindsight, the view from where I was standing was closely reminiscent of a dream I had (and  wrote about) recently.

Tonight though, I stepped outside to look. The sky was a blanket of clouds that were anything but normal. This night, everything and I do mean everything was the oddest hue of green. I’ve heard that this can be an indication of the atmosphere being “ripe” for tornados…but the air was STILL and the clouds – nearly stationery. No rain either. 

I mention this “phenomenon” because in the time I was outside observing, I thought of two things: a recent dream Marty Breeden shared as well as dream I wrote recently about Power Loss/Black Vapor. Both dreams felt closely related to this. 

I had nearly forgotten about seeing this tonight until a neighbor shared a photo/video she took of it. 

On a surreal scale of 1-10…this was an 8 or 9.