Dream/Vision: Power Loss/Black Vapor

This occured on Tuesday May 30 sometime after 6:30am PST in Banning, CA. We were on a road trip and staying in a hotel when this occurred. I had awoken, but fallen back asleep. …

I’m sitting at my hobbyroom desk in front of my laptop. The screen appears to go “dark.” 

My head immediately turned from the laptop screen to the window and I stood up to look. As I slowly walked toward the window, I saw two things. Enormous – dark clouds high up in the sky (but these clouds seemed to be marching) as well as what I thought was black smoke rising around and just outside the window.  (After I woke I wondered if what appeared as smoke was instead the demonic in the form of – a silken like- vapor…?)

(End of Dream)

I awoke instantly and immediately….and left me with feelings of eerie-ness and feeling unsettled 

This “going dark” reminded me of decades ago when our older television sets (remember having to turn or push a knob manually?) would have the on screen picture whose on screen image would seemingly “implode” on itself, and as you turned off the knob the last thing on the screen was a white dot. 

As I further consider the “disruption” or “implosion” that I watched on the screen I could provide my own carnal insight and come to the conclusion that this was the end of our internet and current means of communication (as in caused by something such as an EMP or nuclear) but I do not, as yet, have direct interpretation from HS.