Flooded Front Seat – Car

I had this dream 2-3 nights ago – I think it was Thursday April 27 (because it happened after “Obstruct”)



I was sitting in the back of a car, my husband was in the front driving. I don’t have any idea where we were but it looked like a coastline, because I saw what looked like ocean water.



The sky was this amazing combination of colors (golden yellows, an orange I can’t describe with black clouds creating a striking contrast) I remember thinking how beautiful the colors were even though there was a terrible storm incoming. The soon to come waves seemed to be creating a public panic…or they should have.



I wasn’t paying too much attention to what was going on outside the car though because of what I was seeing inside. I looked toward the front seat and water was coming in through the drivers side window, first, and I also saw it flooding in/back through the passenger side…and not just in little amounts. In real time, this would be more than enough to sweep someone away.


I was trying to figure out HOW the car could keep moving with this water surge? There was some water under my feet in the back seat but just at the base of the floor.



The scene changed and I am now at someone’s “house” – I don’t know that my husband was there and IF he was there it was only briefly (Because later I realized that he had probably taken the car and I didn’t know where he’d gone.) I do recall trying to call him on the cell phone but that’s where the dream ended.



During the dream, I recall knowing the person whose place I was at (now I can’t remember who it was,) but then he left and there was only another person – I think it was a girl – that I talked to for a moment before I went outside to make the call mentioned above.


End of Dream

My impression both in the dream and after I woke was that the waters along the coastline were associated with impending Judgements. As far as the waters within the car, those have to do with how God is dealing with each of His children…though I have yet to receive direct revelation from The Holy Spirit.