“Rapture” Revelation 

Some of you read a prior blogpost where I shared a weblink about Dave Roberson’s book “The Walk of The Spirit.” On that post, I’d indicated I was on my 3rd read-thru. Now I understand why He had me read it again. He actually provided (at least a partial) interpretation for my “obstruct” vision as well as other insight.

Confirmations and understanding are now flooding in faster than I can even keep track of news headlines and current events. That being said, I was just reading Chapter 13 of The Walk of The Spirit and a word from one of the paragraphs caused me to pause and write this.

For years, I hoped on the idea of the Pre-Tribulation Rapture. It has only been in the last year, my thinking had been modified and switched to mid-trib…recognizing that all of humanity might have to go thru “testing.”

I do not claim to understand God’s Prophetic timetable…but there is now something I do understand – better.

In Dave Roberson’s book the paragraph that got my attention was this:

The rapture is the next great event in the timetable of God’s Church. But,  meanwhile, as generations of saints can testify before us, we are still wearing an old garment or old wineskin that is dying day by day and is capable of sin.

Upon my re-read of “rapture is the next great event” I heard in The Spirit: “Caught up in the Rapture of Love” and that’s when looked at the word RAPTURE in his book. ..almost as if to study it.

I thought, “what on earth is going on here?”

“GO listen to the song”

Rapture of Love (Replace “baby” w/Yahveh)

The Rapture WILL be a great event. ..but it is a mixed blessing. Although I’m not sure I’ve ever written about it there is a book called “Imagine Heaven.” It is an incredible read regarding Near Death Experiences (NDE’s). I have only managed to read it once because I cried as I read it so frequently the first time; primarily because reading about Heaven, (where all believers are destined to end up) is so beyond the wonderful of what we can fathom in this world.

The take away from Imagine Heaven is that THE ONLY THING that matters while we are alive on earth -Today- is learning to love.

And learning to love brings me back to The Rapture.

The church of this world wants to experience a rapture in the physical that is an Act of God.

The more I consider Yahushua’s sacrifice at Calvary,  the more I realize The Rapture is more A Process that leads to an event than the event itself.

With Yahushua as our Groom, He is head over heels in love with us.

As His Bride, He wants us to be equally in Love with Him. Not an earthly love but the kind of love that is all Agape – where we get to the point of craving to know Him through and through, feeling His presence constantly. As if no other person or thing could substitute.

The Rapture “Event” – the “And Suddenly” moment is set aside for these souls for whom the only thing that satisfies is His Living Water.

When we have finally “Walked With The Spirit” enough everything around us with worldly ties will really start to look different. This is the reason Jesus said our redemption draweth nigh and we were instructed to keep looking up.

The rapture is an event, but it’s ultimately a PROCESS of becoming His Bride…of being “caught up” in the greatest love affair of time and space – with God’s presence and sanctification recreating us from our sinful physical beings of earth into that realm of spotlessness where He awaits.