Standfast-Updated 9/18/17

“Standfast” was originally the result of reading a blogpost written by Stephanie at Kansas Explosion…that particular post is no longer available and her blog has since been deleted. I wrestled with removing this post I wrote but have opted against that. There may be words of knowledge or nuggets of wisdom in here that someone needs. 
There is no where to go…there is no where left to hide. 

The days turned into hours and the hours are now ticking into minutes.

Yes, there is a false spirit roaming the earth it will eventually manifest into the arrival of Rev 13. 

My sheep, this should not be news to you who carry MY message. The increase in knowledge and seeming confusion is a sign…your world cannot have an increase in knowledge without the association of a false spirit.  The reason is Genesis 3 (specifically, Gen 3:4-13) 

Knowledge, the internet of things, the world wide WEB: your devices – there is so much before you as all these things increase in intensity.  But know this…ALL these things are a sign of My WORDS and promises being fulfilled. 

What you are dealing with is not just “As in The Days of Noah” – many of you are in your own Wilderness. Each of you are facing what Eve faced in the garden.


Granted, the enemy appeared to her as a snake. Consider why it is written in Ephesians 6:10-18 about that which you face is not physical but spiritual…?

The enemy’s powers…are like that of a dog. It may bark, howel and whine but it has no bite. Even Jezebel…who herself carried the insidious spirit was consumed by a pack of dogs (2 Kings 9:30-37) 

That was the extent of her power…

How does that compare with what I AM that I AM accomplished in Genesis 1!

Some of you are receiving Revelation of what’s ahead, but many of your efforts to receive are being challenged. and that is because warfare in The Spiritual realm can make it challenging to hear me. 

Do not fear, fret or be discouraged. I stand alongside and reside within thee.

Trust that I AM. Hear ME and Seek Me My WORD.

Standfast and ASK ME to help you to fight. 
The fight is mine – and it is already WON.