Darkness Descending 

Earlier today I heard the term in The Spirit “Darkness Descending.”

A few moments ago, for at least the 3rd time today, my phone has shut down on its own (and at least once, restarted by itself… .this was not prompted by any technical update)

I have not shared this yet but last night 6/13/17…while out for a walk I looked up in the sky. It was almost like a mini vision – I saw a very dark clouds/sky and rods of lightning flashes. It was subtle but disconcerting. As a note, this occurred during daylight hours 

Last night, Holy Spirit led me to Revelation 12:10-12. I read thru 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17.

Although waiting for confirmation, it would seem all this is tied into the dream I wrote about “Loss of Power/Black Vapor”

Keep your Armor on Saints…and I ask each of you to take this in prayer to The Spirit, yourself. 
Accompanying Scriptures 

Revelation 17

Revelation 13:6 (but read all of Rev 13)