Which Direction, Lord?


Though I know you are beside me – that you never leave my side…these days feel ever so different.

Overnight, everything I thought I knew is being challenged. I not only recognize it in day to day life – but in culture. While I (and my brothers and sisters in Christ) are not of this world; watching these things happen is such as oddity.

There is a stillness I can feel in the air, it is something that does not feel natural. I know that you are somehow changing time…in that you are bringing to fulfillment all things you told us about in scripture: Prophecy. 

Although none of us is immune from making mistakes, I’m one of soooo many others that is beyond grateful that those mistakes are forgiven because of your grace and mercy.

I’m really beginning to understand why you said that to follow you wouldn’t be easy. You went from having more than 70 disciples – narrowing it down to 12 (which involved even more shuffling), then down to 3…until the weight of Calvary met you face to face.

I remember my Mom telling me repeatedly while she was living that it was a rare thing to find even one or two true friends in this world

At a time when Technology is accelerating so rapidly we now find that even as the sunrise has barely had time to reach its peak we are “racing” to complete our daily tasks before the sun has set on another day.

If we aren’t smack dab in the middle of living out the days of Matthew 24 – then I don’t know where we are.

Where do we go from here, Father? You have plans for each of us that are yet to be uncovered. Please, reveal not just our destinies to each of us reading this, but provide a well marked pathway to help us not miss a single step in fulfilling the Grand Plan you earmarked for each life…

The reality is, we aren’t just here for our benefit – we are here to bring your plans to fruition: The Life Eternal ahead.

Which Direction, Lord? Help us to hear you clearly…to see where to step and bring forth the fruit you intended of our Lives. We need you more than ever.  IJN, Amen



6 thoughts on “Which Direction, Lord?

  1. Now is a time to pray like never before. Now is the time to stay before the Lord and make sure your lamp is full along with your wick trimmed so that you are burning brightly as the world grows darker.


  2. There’s an old saying that says that when you come to the end of your life, if you can count your friends on one hand you’ve done well. I wholeheartedly agree with your mother. She sounds like she was a very wise woman.


      • Take it from one whose been in ministry for a while and has many knife wounds from “friends”. There are a few, however, that have stuck with me through it all and we are friends to this day. Those are what I call the inner court friends whose friendship you cherish and whose friendship you fight for and protect.


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