Foreboding Sky

The evening light filtering in through the windows was most unusual.  In hindsight, the view from where I was standing was closely reminiscent of a dream I had (and  wrote about) recently.

Tonight though, I stepped outside to look. The sky was a blanket of clouds that were anything but normal. This night, everything and I do mean everything was the oddest hue of green. I’ve heard that this can be an indication of the atmosphere being “ripe” for tornados…but the air was STILL and the clouds – nearly stationery. No rain either. 

I mention this “phenomenon” because in the time I was outside observing, I thought of two things: a recent dream Marty Breeden shared as well as dream I wrote recently about Power Loss/Black Vapor. Both dreams felt closely related to this. 

I had nearly forgotten about seeing this tonight until a neighbor shared a photo/video she took of it. 

On a surreal scale of 1-10…this was an 8 or 9.