Cloud Signs/Warnings

If God uses the sky and clouds to share any kind of prophetic insight or wisdom of what’s ahead, then this must be shared. 

While on a walk earlier this evening, the 1st thing I saw as I glanced to the Heaven’s was that the clouds had “formed” what appeared to be a distinct serpents head. There were what appeared to be three other serpent-like formations alongside it but their “faces” were not completely formed in the clouds.

The primary head on this thing was distinct. So much so, I looked at it 2, 3 maybe 4x because I was stunned by each glance. 

Next, maybe 2 minutes later I looked up at a different part of the sky and saw what seemed a fully extended Eagle’s (left) Wing …and this wing had very defined feather’s. I was actually quite sad that I couldn’t see a full on Eagle…because this wing was really beautiful and would have been amazing to see. This wing in the clouds was not small either. 

Within 5 minutes came the most stunning and shocking cloud formation yet. This time I looked up and saw a meteor/asteroid…with a trail behind it. 

This “rock plummeting to the earth” was enormous. I practically shuddered just looking at it. (The time at this moment was 7:33 on 7/8/2017)

Each formation left me stunned but the meteor/asteroid sent chills up my spine.

I now recall that after having noticed the “fireball” I understood I was supposed to share what I had seen on this blog…

I was paused from immediately posting this and then realized I was to share these scriptures that apply to what is described above. 

Please seek The Lord regarding this and ask The Holy Spirit to guide you in Truth. 

Acts 2:19

Ezekiel 7:8-13

Ezekiel 8:7-18

Jeremiah 33:7 

Jeremiah 8:7–17

Isaiah 33

Psalm 33

Exodus 33:7

Revelation 8:7

Revelation 8:13


11 Replies to “Cloud Signs/Warnings”

  1. Were you aware that the events of Revelation 12 will be in the sky on September 23rd 2017, i.e. planets and constellations?


    1. I had heard about that in the last year but until today wasn’t really aware of what it could mean. You might have already listened to this broadcast but I personally found this rather intriguing…if nothing else this makes me realize how important scripture really is as our benchmark for His promises.


      1. Is it possible that if each1000 yrs pertain to the days of creation then that R12 sign could easily sync up with the fulfillment of the 7th day…especially with R12 occurring near The Festival of Trumpets…


      2. The link you sent mentions a great deal of the same info on The blogtalk link I shared. The radio interview is possibly more in depth as the guest addresses R12 for at least 60 minutes.

        As far as coincidences, I’d agree. I’ve come to realize coincidences are God’s plans and His plans Trump all…


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