Cloud Signs/Warnings

If God uses the sky and clouds to share any kind of prophetic insight or wisdom of what’s ahead, then this must be shared. 

While on a walk earlier this evening, the 1st thing I saw as I glanced to the Heaven’s was that the clouds had “formed” what appeared to be a distinct serpents head. There were what appeared to be three other serpent-like formations alongside it but their “faces” were not completely formed in the clouds.

The primary head on this thing was distinct. So much so, I looked at it 2, 3 maybe 4x because I was stunned by each glance. 

Next, maybe 2 minutes later I looked up at a different part of the sky and saw what seemed a fully extended Eagle’s (left) Wing …and this wing had very defined feather’s. I was actually quite sad that I couldn’t see a full on Eagle…because this wing was really beautiful and would have been amazing to see. This wing in the clouds was not small either. 

Within 5 minutes came the most stunning and shocking cloud formation yet. This time I looked up and saw a meteor/asteroid…with a trail behind it. 

This “rock plummeting to the earth” was enormous. I practically shuddered just looking at it. (The time at this moment was 7:33 on 7/8/2017)

Each formation left me stunned but the meteor/asteroid sent chills up my spine.

I now recall that after having noticed the “fireball” I understood I was supposed to share what I had seen on this blog…

I was paused from immediately posting this and then realized I was to share these scriptures that apply to what is described above. 

Please seek The Lord regarding this and ask The Holy Spirit to guide you in Truth. 

Acts 2:19

Ezekiel 7:8-13

Ezekiel 8:7-18

Jeremiah 33:7 

Jeremiah 8:7–17

Isaiah 33

Psalm 33

Exodus 33:7

Revelation 8:7

Revelation 8:13


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