Abide. Abide in Me

Earlier today I took a break from the hobby room and resumed reading Perry Stone’s book “Prophecies Concealed Now Revealed.”

As I read…I thought I heard in the Spirit…”The Birth Pains (end) – The beginning of Sorrows (begin)”

I’m now starting the last chapter called “Decoding the Yom Kippur Cipher.”

The book has provided some good insight. Among the best insight was where Perry defined the Sound of Trumpets associated with the Fall Festival’s Feast of Trumpets  (Ram’s horn) and what each trumpet sound is called and means. 

The Tekia – Long single blast representing The King’s Coronation

The Shevarim – Three short wail -like blasts representative of brokenness/ repentance 

The Teruah – 9 staccato blasts of alarm (to awaken the soul)

The Tekiah Hagadol – a great and long final blasts. 

I have listened to some of these on youtube and these trumpet sounds are extraordinary. 

Where I was going with this post is that we EACH must seek THE LORD individually for wisdom and understanding as we approach the days ahead. 

One thing I remember from reading Pastor Dave Roberson’s book (Walk of The Spirit) is that we are much better off asking Yahuveh to purge us NOW than to have Him deal with them at The Judgement Seat. 

In doing so, not only does refinement happen but there is greater opportunity for The Father to use us as His Vessels as per His design “for such a time as this. ”

That being said, I visited Julie Whedbee’s blog today and her post felt like such an affirmation….as I too have heard “Abide. Abide in Me, to remain standing in the days to come ”


Julie’s message also feels like it resonates with some earlier dreams and vision I’ve shared previously on this blog.