It happened sometime between 530-6am (7/10/17). 

Though I’d been in repentant prayer, I started dozing…that point where you’re not quite asleep….when I heard and saw some things. 

It was as if I had been listening in to some type of news wire update. Not watching news but just listening. In the background among the words spoken I heard the word “Mexico”

In the 2nd after that word was spoken it was as if my mind was re-woken to the point of recognition. It’s now 823am and what I “heard” ended by 601am (more than two hours ago).

After the word “Mexico” – then I thought I heard “High School”  

The last thing I thought I heard was what sounded like a “shot” (my thoughts keep repeating “shot in the dark)…whether it was the sound of a bullet (since some fireworks can sometimes sound very much like a bullet being fired) or what its significance is I’m not sure. 

Then I was given a closed vision message. I saw what amounted to hundreds of Meteors/meteorites in space, I saw this twice. Followed, by what I can only describe as a set of offset horizontal lines and when I asked what I was seeing I heard “The Time Space Continuum” It was after seeing the Continuum lines that I was again shown the Meteors. (And I’m pretty sure the Hundreds presented each time was just a snippet of the actual numbers of Meteors/meteorites actually there) 

Since this whole dream/vision is very broad I’m really not sure what it could mean or indicate. I wouldn’t have posted it except that at the very end of vision I asked a question and that question was: “what do I do with this?” What I received as the answer was another vision showing me that it would be shared here. 

End of Dream 6:01am


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