Burden of Warning

Although it is my understanding that my time on the blog ShiningaLightinthedarkness is complete…I return to Kenzelsfire to share this.

Within the last hour, I felt a heavy burden – then I got down on my knees. I asked The Father what was happening. I felt an unbearable grief.

I was only able to remain in the position a few minutes and I resorted to a chair.

That’s when it started. It felt like travailing…my heart, my soul, my Spirit just ached…


“What is going on, Lord?”

I closed my eyes and felt full blown tears.

It was as if I was given ability to see the sky – it was a sickening/dark red. Even though I was sitting in the chair it’s as if I was walking somewhere else and I heard myself say, “Loss is everywhere. So much hurt. So much loss, Father what do I do?” I hear a response in The Spirit “Keep moving.”


Today is 8th of Av. Tomorrow is the 9th of Av

Prepare your hearts because whatever that was, was related to Luke 21:25-26. Whatever is happening might not happen tomorrow or the next day…but it did not seem far off – at all.

In the last few months, I was given a dream/vision of an event occurring in the sky…this sky event (in this dream) was followed by a MASSIVE Jet taxing into its airport “gate” but instead of arriving on its landing gear this JET toppled on its side and skidded to a stop.

Only ONE person (rose up from the exit door and) came walking out of that Jet and he walked straight from the plane into the airport waiting room and handed someone something (who was standing nearby – just next to and in front of me.)


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